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CU Video Presents: Forever - An Incredible Look at the Colorado Buffaloes

A project in the works all season long is finally available to view.

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Colorado Video has released their inside look at the Colorado Buffaloes football program and it's a must watch for Buffs fans young and old.

From the Vimeo page:

FOREVER is what it's like to be a Colorado Buffalo, on and off the field. All of the amazing experiences, our beautiful campus and the city of Boulder.

Former Buff and retired NFL player Lawrence Vickers describes in his own words what being a Buff is all about. His passion for being a Buff, his teammates, the University of Colorado and Boulder is evident throughout FOREVER.
The creation of FOREVER is an interesting story. We were working on an awesome script, but felt that it didn't quite work with our vision for this video. (We do plan on using the script on a future project). On October 13th the idea of Forever was born. We unanimously decided that Lawrence would be perfect for this project and could express better than most what Colorado and being a Buff is all about. We worked with Lawrence on a Team video earlier in the year and his passion and love for CU is unreal. We called up Lawrence at his home in Texas and about a week later he was here in Boulder. Magic happened.

We have put countless hours, too many pizzas and our heart and souls into FOREVER. Please enjoy and share this video. We appreciate all the support over the years. This was truly a Team Effort. We have an amazingly talented staff and we couldn't have done this without them. We hope that you enjoy watching FOREVER as much as we do.

Go Buffs!