AllBuffs Interview with CU Athletic Hall of Famer Dick Anderson


Allbuffs has a great interview with Dick Anderson. Head over and check it out.

Inside Alec Burks | July


Bob recently took some time to answer some questions about new draft pick, Alec Burks for The Utah Jazz blog. It's a good read so head over and check it out.

What does Roast Duck Taste like


In the wake of the USC and Ohio State scandals, looks like our new PAC-12 member Oregon may be in some very hot water. It won't hurt my feelings to see the ducks plucked somewhat, having spent three years in Oregon, I can say I have a lot of respect for the Oregon State and much disdain for the U of O, also wouldn't mind seeing Chip Kelly taken down a few notches.

Colorado Turns The Page > Pac12 > News-Colorado


We were asked by the new Pac-12 site (which looks great by the way) to introduce the Colorado Buffaloes to the rest of the conference. Bob nailed it so go over and take a look.

Where in the World is Dan Hawkins (Back to Boise?)


From Dave Plati's (Plati-tudes) column: 06/17/2011 As for the elder Hawkins, Dan, he and wife Misti are moving back to their house in Boise at the end of the month. He will be joining ESPN this fall in an analyst capacity on either TV or radio and is looking forward to it; he’s also working on his master’s in psychology from the University of Missouri (hopefully he won’t be charged FIVE times the tuition, if you get my drift).

Derek Fribbs (CU Golfer) Kicking butt


Hey there TRR readers. I thought I'd throw this up here since his Dad Mark is one of our own (Happy Fathers Day tomorrow!). Since we don't have a Baseball team (...yet), this is the super-dead time for CU Sports. Enjoy, folks!

Jeffrey Thomas, WR from Texas


here's our newest commit. And here's a random comment from Twitter: "man, that kid was GREAT at OU's camp a few weeks ago. They just flat out didn't have room." So that looks nice

Re-draft or Re-Draught? - Maize n Brew


Since we all know Colorado beer is better than all of the other crap (not all crap) that they are mentioning, I thought you guys might like to offer some better suggestions.