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Beatdown: Buffs destroyed by Huskies, 59-7

Washington mopped the floor with the Buffaloes and sent them back to Boulder.

Steven Bisig-USA TODAY Sports

It's amazing how quickly attitudes about a team can change. Last week after a loss to UCLA it felt like the Buffaloes had finally turned a corner and may have been ready to compete on a regular basis against the upper echelon of the Pac-12 conference. This week that whole idea got stamped into the dirt by a decent-to-good (but nothing more) Washington team that showed that simple execution and talent is enough to throttle this Buffaloes team.

Keith Price quarterbacked a near perfect game with 312 yards and two touchdowns and Bishop Sankey ran for 143 yards and a TD as the Huskies had their way with the Buffaloes. For a moment, after the a 53-yard touchdown pass from Sefo Liufau to Paul Richardson it felt like maybe this Colorado team would be able to compete on the road once again but Washington would quickly shut down that hope.

Even the single bright spot turned dark when Paul Richardson was forced to gut out an incredible performance on an extremely shaky ankle to provide the only shimmer of success for the Buffs on this night. RIchardson was shut down after a gritty effort to take the field after he had effectively been ruled out of the game but even our own personal superman wasn't able to stick around for the whole game (stay healthy, Paul).

We've arrived at at the stretch of the schedule we've all been waiting for with California, USC and Utah remaining. But even 1-9 Cal has a QB in Jared Goff that could do a lot of damage to this Buffs team if given the time and this team has a long was to go to get to a point where that "corner" is even in sight.

1st Downs 15 28
3rd down efficiency
6-15 8-13
4th down efficiency
0-2 2-4
Total Yards 299 628
Passing 171 312
14-25 22-29
Yards per pass
6.3 10.1
Rushing 128 316
Rushing Attempts
37 51
Yards per rush
3.5 6.2
Penalties 1-4 6-50
Turnovers 3 0
Fumbles lost
1 0
Interceptions thrown
2 0
Possession 29:08 30:52