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Colorado falls to UCLA 45-23: Watch highlights from the game

The Buffaloes played a strong game on Saturday but let the Bruins pull away in the third quarter.

At times Saturday night in Los Angeles it really felt like the Buffaloes were close to breaking through but a rough third quarter didn't allow Colorado to stay in the game. Still we saw a Buffs team playing with competence and swagger on the road, something we haven't seen since arguably the win over Washington State last season. Paul Richardson is who he is at this point (top three receiver in the conference) and Sefo Liufau is starting to play with some confidence that really lets his leadership shine through.

The Buffs aren't quite there but there's evidence to show that they're on their way and that's a positive. One of the only positives we have right now. Next week they head back on the road to take on the Washington Huskies in Seattle. Let's hope that even more progress is made and the Buffaloes can put themselves in a position to win the game in the 4th.

Go Buffs.