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Colorado Buffaloes Vs. Fresno State Bulldogs: What To Expect

If the game does in fact take place, here's what to expect on Saturday.

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First off, I'm of the opinion that the game should be cancelled; forfeited even. God-1 : CU-0. Reschedule it for after championship weekend if need be. I don't care. But don't play the game. The weather has gone from weird to crazy to terrible to dangerous. People are losing their homes, and even their lives. Boulder has become an IRL version of Under The Dome, with people not able to get in or out. So let's do some football? Forfeit the game and have players from both teams help out in the relief efforts.

But the powers that be seem hell bent on playing the game, so here's what I'll be looking at:

  • Special Teams Coverage: We've been pretty crappy so far, and FSU returner Isaiah Burse is one of the best in the nation. That's a problem. So far the solution has been gimmick kicks that still put the opponent in outstanding field position. If we can't fix this, all improvements on offense and defense will be for naught
  • The Running Game: It's awful. None of the backs are finding any holes, because the offensive line simply is not creating them. It's one thing for a back to continue to try to bounce outside looking for a homerun circa Brian Calhoun, Hugh Charles, or Tony Jones. It's another thing when that's entirely warranted because the line gives no opportunity to get the 4,5,6 yard gains between the tackles.
  • The Defensive Backs: They've been a pleasant surprise so far, probably due to the fact that we have two secondary coaches and a had coach who was a defensive back, but they've been a revelation. Greg Henderson has transformed from a very solid CB into a playmaking, shutdown CB. Kenneth Crawley has transformed from a guy watching receivers catching passes and running by him into a very solid corner who has made plays and garnered turnovers. Parker Orms is Parker Orms, but he's healthy. I'm cynical, but I'll give Forman credit for it just because. And Jered Bell, who is one of my favorite players, has gone from a guy who avoids contact into a guy who got a personal foul for a late hit. Can they keep it up against a more potent offense? We shall see.
I don't think any of this is groundbreaking analysis, but it's all true. What are you guys watching for? Answer now, in the comments!

*NOTE: I meant to post a Look Back/ Look Forward column earlier, but I was ridden with anxiety hoping my brother would make the CU lacrosse fall roster. He made it! This is not a humble brag, because I am neither humble nor bragging. Instead, I would implore you to come out to Kittredge Field to check out your Red Hot Buffs. I'll see you on October 19th.