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The Buffaloes Avoid Shutout in Minnesota, 49-7


NCAA Football: Colorado at Minnesota Matt Krohn-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes have continued their sizzling start by scoring their 3rd touchdown in 3 games today. That’s right, 3 touchdowns in 180 minutes of play! What a value.

This touchdown came as the Buffs got absolutely stomped by the Minnesota Golden Gophers. Last year, Minnesota blanked CU in Boulder. The Buffs increased their scoring by infinity% this time around, losing 49-7.

sigh Colorado started this game off similar to last week, with a fumble on the first drive of the game. The Gophers immediately took advantage with a rushing touchdown, and it did not get easier from there. Mohamed Ibrahim crossed the 100 yard mark in the first quarter for Minnesota, as they pushed CU up and down the field all day. On the other side, Brendon Lewis and J.T. Shrout alternated series, but both with the same amount of success: none. The first half ended 35-0 Minn, with the game well in hand by then.

The Buffs ended up scoring on a nice drive from Shrout and Deion Smith, who is the full time running back with Alex Fontenot’s injury. That was the one and only score for CU in Minneapolis. Owen McCown actually ended up leading the team in passing yards, after racking up 52 yards in one garbage time. Yes, CU’s leading passer has 52 yards.

In the end, CU looked completely outcoached and outclassed. The Buffs are now facing a surging UCLA team. Yippee.