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Pac-12 reportedly adding bowl and creating Pac-12 - SEC matchup

If they keep adding bowls, the Buffs have to make one!

Valero Alamo Bowl - Oklahoma State v Colorado Photo by Ronald Cortes/Getty Images

In a shocking display of competence, the Pac-12 may be adding some high-profile bowl games. Given the new NFL stadium in Las Vegas that’s slated to open in 2020, Stadium is reporting that the Conference of Champions is taking advantage of the upgraded digs to shove the Vegas Bowl up the pecking order. The new bowl deal would include a matchup with a Big Ten or SEC school (they would alternate years) and take 3rd or 4th in the Pac-12 bowl order. The shift from a Mountain West school to a P5 school also means that the conference can add a bowl game in LA against a MWC school to keep that matchup.

This is all around good news for the PAC. A bowl game in Vegas, against a legit team in a legit venue, will create a great experience for fans and will add a ton of attention from the rarely-reached East Coast college football fans. I can only assume that Larry Scott stumbled into this deal, or was replaced in a “Prestige” scenario by his doppelganger who is actually good at business deals.

Let’s have some fun thinking of possible bowl sponsors! I submit:

The Trojan Vegas Bowl (only if South Carolina is matched up with either USC or Oregon State)

ACLU I Plead the Fifth Down Bowl (Mizzou and Colorado)

Tweet or write your best possible bowl sponsors. Larry Scott needs all the help he can get.