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Colorado stays traditional in week 2 uniform choice

The Buffs are going to look great in Lincoln.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Michigan Rick Osentoski-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Football has some of the best traditional color combos in the nation. Two years ago, they flashed the classic gold helmet-white jersey-black pants when they traveled to Ann Arbor, in a nod to the historic 1994 win. This year, they broke out the combo one week ahead, against an even more historic foe.

The G-W-B combo has seen a lot of historic wins and upsets. While the 2018 version of the NU-CU game doesn’t carry the same weight as it once did, both fanbases are excited for this game, and I would argue more excited for this game than any other. Frankly, there was no other uniform combination that would have done the trick other than this one.

For inquisitive minds, this is the full game from 1990 in which CU wore these uniforms, went to Lincoln, and came back with the division-clinching win. Let’s hope they recapture some of that magic.