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Rejoice! Rick George opens alcohol sales to Folsom Field


NCAA Football: Washington State at Colorado
Look at this boss
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Early in the morning, before the dew evaporates from the verdantly green grass, an important message was delivered. One that made the sun shine a little brighter and the morning a little softer.

Responding to consistent fan input, CU Athletics introduced limited sales of beer and wine to the general public through “beer gardens” starting with the 2014 football season. Now after a four-year track record of responsible behavior by vendors and fans, those sales will be extended to the concourse areas so patrons can bring drinks back to their seats. The university introduced the same policy at basketball and volleyball games at the CU Events Center last season without behavioral issues from fans.

Alright, it’s official. CU isn’t losing at home. BEER. IN YOUR SEATS. AT A FOOTBALL GAME. It just sounds right. Sure, Buff students have gotten rowdy enough to get kicked out as a group (I mean, it was against Nebraska, so it’s a wash) with alcohol in the stands. But it’s a new era. And, frankly, I would love to see the student section engaged enough in a game to get under the ref’s skin.

Last year, they snuck the “beer in your seat” revelation in as an afterthought in The Venue Formerly Known as Coors, and it was wonderful. It adds to the experience for those that want it, and I didn’t notice any instances of detracting from those that don’t. I’m sure the same will apply to Folsom.

One last request: Rick, please, get new speakers. Please.