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Who do other Pac-12 schools think CU should hire?

Our peer blogs weigh in

NCAA Football: Southern California at Stanford Kirby Lee-USA TODAY Sports

Colorado Football is nearing a new hire for the program. A new head coach brings excitement, optimism, and a fresh start. It’s an important decision. So we here at Ralphie Report, who have no input over the decision, asked the other Pac-12 blogs, who also have no input, who they think CU should hire.

Bruins Nation:

Anyone but Clay Helton because he REALLY needs to stay at Southern Cal!

AZ Desert Swarm:

Y’all should hire Troy University’s Neal Brown. Brown is exciting as hell, having guided Troy to the peak of the Sun Belt Conference. I’m pretty sure Neal is holding out for an SEC gig, but he sure as hell wouldn’t pass up the suitcase full of cash that CU can offer. Another option, if I’m being bold, is to make an offer to Mike Leach. Leach appears to be happy on the Palouse, but is making $3.5 million, which is about $700,000 a year more than Coach Mac was paid last year. If I’m CU, I make Leach say no, thinking that he’s likely to want to leave while he’s on top, given the arduous task of recruiting to the Siberian wasteland that is Eastern Washington.

Block U:

Matt Wells from Utah State would be a dynamite hire. The Aggies have one of the best offenses in the nation and a defense that forces turnovers left and right. He has a very aggressive coaching style, which is something that is very much needed in Boulder, in my opinion. I think he’s exactly what is needed to turn that program around. I also hear Clay Helton may be looking for a job soon, so maybe someone wants to give him a call


House of Sparky:

I think the fun hire would be Eric Bieniemy. If Colorado could pry him away from the Kansas City Chiefs, it’d be fun to have a hometown guy back in Boulder. Plus being under Andy Reid the past 5 years maybe he can bring a few creative plays for Laviska Shenault. The NFL may also look at him, but may not value him because he doesn’t call plays in KC.

Rule of Tree:

A good hire for Colorado’s next coach would be Jedd Fisch. He’s worked in college football and in the NFL, and his last three stops make him a perfect fit to become a college head coach: Michigan, UCLA, and now the LA Rams.

He’s interested in coaching as a college head coach — he met with Kansas about their job - but Colorado is obviously a much, much better program. He’s been able to get the most out of some marginal quarterback talents, and working for the Rams has to have given him some insight into the most dynamic offense in all of football. All that equals a good fit for a program in a state that has proven capable of producing offensive talent.

Building the Dam:

Lane Kiffin.

He would bring a lot of intrigue to the school and team. He might usurp Mike Leach as the most fascinating coach in the conference. Hes still pretty young and has a shit load of experience. He trolls Nick Saban which is always fun. And he has some charisma as shown in this video

I mean what more could you want. Unless of course you want a mature adult.


Take Jimmy Lake. Please.

Addicted to Quack:

It is the collective and unbiased opinion of Addicted to Quack, that the best head coaching candidate for the Colorado Buffaloes is Washington’s Chris Petersen; he has a storied coaching career and is surely ready to upgrade to a fine school like Colorado, especially after the loss in the PAC-12 Championship game in which Jake Browning single-handedly lost them the game (I’m writing this before the actual PAC-12 Championship game, so I’m just assuming the most obvious result occurred.)

Above all else, be sure to avoid making a risky decision like hiring away a conference rival’s defensive coordinator. No matter how much experience they have, or Pepsi they drink, even if they already have a history of rebuilding your program, you should definitely not hire Jim Leavitt… I mean, a defensive coordinator.

UW Dawg Pound:

It looks like Mel Tucker is making a trip to REI and getting his bags packed. That would be a good hire. But I continue to root for Rick Neuheisel’s return, though I’m sure it is hard to walk away from the Arizona Hotshots