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Kurt Roper named Colorado Buffaloes interim head coach

He has play-calling experience.

Colorado v Colorado State Photo by Joe Mahoney/Getty Images

After meeting with the players Sunday morning, Rick George announced Kurt Roper as the interim head coach for the last game. Roper was hired this past offseason as a QB coach and has a lot of experience at Power 5 program. He has also called plays before, and he may take over play-calling duties against Cal on Saturday.

Rick George said that he felt he needed to inject energy in the program by making a change now as opposed to the end of the season (paraphrasing, of course). Roper is a level-headed HC that should remain calm, which may be important for a fired up team.

If Roper does in fact win on Saturday, that means the players would go to a bowl game, the second for CU in three years. Those six extra weeks of practice will be important for next year and may be a great time to introduce the new coach to the program.