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Behind Enemy Lines: Texas State Bobcats

Let’s learn a bit more about the Sun Belt team

NCAA Football: Houston at Texas State Soobum Im-USA TODAY Sports

The Buffaloes face Texas State this week. Up until two weeks ago, I did not know that Texas State had a football team. Thankfully, thanks to Phil Steele and Vidal Espinoza over at Underdog Dynasty, I now know a lot about Texas State. Take a look.

1.Texas State is rebuilding under Everett Whithers. Do you see definitive progress with this team compared to last year? How so?

As far as the program's morale and chemistry goes it's light years away from what Texas State was built upon. The previous coaching staff and team had problems internally that Coach Withers had been resolving by getting rid of players who didn't want to contribute positively. As far as progress in terms of performance on the field the team has more chemistry than the previous two years. The coaching staff has put together a unified vision of goals toward success on and off the field. The Bobcats are one of the youngest teams in the nation and the talent is there. They just need to grow.

2.Damian Williams transferred to TSU from the SEC, so I am nervous about his ability at QB. I know he can run, but can he throw? Will there be designed run plays for him?

Williams has a very good arm as he shined at spring practice. Unfortunately academic issues cut his playing time down in the fall practices so he didn't have as much time to mesh with the receiving unit. Still he is the best QB we have and our best bet under center.

As you mentioned earlier he can run and it all depends on how our offensive line can stop the Buffalo d-line. The first game against Houston Baptist he did have designed runs mainly up the middle using his size but nothing in the vein of pure options runs.

3.On the defense, the linebackers seem to be the strength. Are they better against the run or pass?

This Is an interesting question but definitely they are strong against the run. Bryan London II and Gabe Loyd are very good run stoppers and short coverage guys who consistently stop yards after contact. The 'Cats only allowed 59 yards in last weekend's win.

4.Who are the players to watch on offense? Defense?

On offense I would have to say the whole receiving corp. But definitely wideout Elijah King in particular. He has size and speed to go up and get passes and breakaway. If Williams finally gets in sync with his receivers they will have a viable weapon to supplement their running attack.

Defensively I would say keep an eye on Outside linebacker Easy Anyama. He earned Sun Belt defensive player of the week honors for his 5 tackle, two sack and a forced fumble performance last week. He is a threat Texas State did not have last year due to injury.

5.What is your prediction/hope for the game?

Well I always put my Bobcats in a favorable position but I know with such astronomical odds and ESPN giving CU a 96% chance of winning its going to be hard. If the defense can play like last week for the whole 60 minutes and the offense can eliminate the mistakes hopefully we can see anything from a last minute upset to a less than three touchdown loss.