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Assessing the Colorado Buffaloes Piesman Trophy Chances

George Frazier, Chris Mulumba and Javier Edwards are the Buffs’ top candidates to win the illustrious Piesman Trophy.

Patrick Ghidossi,

Every season, SB Nation awards the prestigious Piesman Trophy to the best touchdown scored by a lineman in a college football game. In 2015, the first year of the award, Southeastern Lousiana defensive tackle Ashton Henderson won the award with a 47-yard scope and score that included a stiff arm and lots of tummy bouncing. In 2016, Pittsburgh offensive lineman Brian O’Neill won for scoring on two different trick plays.

On Friday, SB Nation released their official Piesman watchlist. Unfortunately no Colorado player was listed as a possible candidate. No matter the national media oversight — even from our brethren — the Buffs have a few players who could win the award.

George Frazier

George Frazier was named to the Paul Hornug Award watchlist for playing on both sides of the ball. Frazier is a tight end first and a defensive lineman second, so it’s hard to tell if he qualifies for the Piesman Trophy. If he does qualify, which he should, he would be in excellent position to win the award by quantity over quality. Frazier won’t impress you with a 50-yard fat guy touchdown, but he could score a few times on offense and win the award by sheer volume. Frazier had four touchdowns as a freshman and had an opportunity for another score in the Utah game last year. If he improves his hands, he could be in store for a big season. Assuming he’s eligible for the award, he should be a serious candidate for the Piesman.

Chris Mulumba

Defensive end Chris Mulumba won’t play nearly as often as other Piesman candidates, certainly not more than Frazier, but if anyone could win the award with an athletic fat guy touchdown, it would be him. Mulumba, if you haven’t heard, is as interesting of a player as CU has had in a long time. Mulumba is a native of Helsinki, Finland, and at almost 25-years-old, he’s entering his third ever season of football. Before playing football, the 6’4, 280-lbs. defensive lineman was a state champion wrestler and, more impressively, was a three-time judo national champion in Finland. Mulumba is a freak athlete and if he finds himself with the ball at any point this season, he’s certainly athletic enough to hurdle a running back, stiff arm an offensive lineman and judo kick a quarterback en route to a Piesman-winning touchdown.

Javier Edwards

As I learned at CU Media Day last week, the Buffs aren’t planning on using Javier Edwards on offense. The Buffs won’t have the 360-pound nose tackle at running back on goal-line downs and he’s probably too slow to outrun a glacier, but can you imagine if he actually ran back a fumble?

[Mark Johnson]: Javier Edwards picks up the fumble at the opposing 45 yard line... he stumbles as he regains his balance after reaching down for the recovery... he side-steps a would-be tackle... runs through another... stiff arms Sam Darnold to the ground... he’s huffing, he’s puffing, he’s, uh, stopping to catch his breath... the convoy of blockers is encouraging him to keep going... he’s going again and has a clear path to the end zone... Edwards to the 15... Edwards to the 10... EDWARDS to the 5... JAVIER EDWARDS with the touchdown! It only took him 40 seconds to run 55 yards but he’s done it! And now, look at that, he’s twerking in the end zone and grinding on the goal post!

It’s the perfect dream, the Piesman-winning run, the greatest play in college football history.