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Buffaloes ranked as second best offense in Pac-12

Pacific Takes ranks CU behind only Washington.

Utah v Colorado Photo by Justin Edmonds/Getty Images

It's that time of year where every college football website begins power ranking everything in sight. The goal is to get you excited for the upcoming season, and power rankings are pretty fun (and easy) to write, so why not. Our SB Nation cousins at Pacific Takes took a look at the best offenses in the Pac-12 and they have Colorado ranked number two.

(Other college football websites read power rankings and write about those rankings, because they also want to get their readers excited, but they didn’t write their own power rankings first. This is some Inception-level derivative cick bait.)

Here’s what Pacific Takes had to say about the CU offense:

The Buffs lose four-year starter at quarterback Sefo Liufau, but Steven Montez might already be better than Liufau and hopefully less injury prone. Lindsay and Fields could easily be the best running back and receiver in the conference. The offensive line returns a ton of talent, including first-team-level tackle Irwin.

I would have to agree, and how. Phillip Lindsay, in short, is a dynamo at running back and can just as easily run through a linebacker as he can dropkick him into the stands, hurdle the rest of the defense, and run unabated into the endzone. Shay Fields is also incredible and if Montez plays as he did against Oregon, the two should combine for gaudy stats. Jeromy Irwin should also lead what could be a monstrous offensive line.

If I had to gripe about anything in the Pacific Takes preview, I would say that they’re sleeping on the rest of the receiving corps. Fields is the star, but CU also has a deep WR set that will feature Devin Ross, Bryce Bobo, Juwann Winfree and Jay MacIntyre. If the Buffs go with a five-receiver formation, there aren’t enough DBs in the Pac-12 to match up with them.