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Buff Bites: Football is just around the corner

Coach MacIntyre’s new deal finally got completed.

Idaho State v Colorado Photo by Dustin Bradford/Getty Images

Early this week, CU was quite busy with football news. Specifically, football coach news. The CU Board of Regents finally decided to deal with Coach MacIntyre, his contract, and the punishment for the handling of Joe Tumpkin. When they convened on Monday, the predictions were across the board. Turns out it was somewhere in the middle.

CU President Bruce Benson and the Board of Regents determined the punishment for the parties involved in the handling of Joe Tumpkin.

As the President said, no punishment would ever satisfy everyone, but this punishment seemed to focus on the correct parties and handle the scale of penalty accordingly (the head honcho, chancellor Phil DiStephano, got the harshest punishment with a suspension). With all of that behind the Regents, they deliberated on Coach MacIntyre’s contract. With a unanimous vote,

Coach MacIntyre finally got a new contract.

This should make CU fans very happy. It’s an absolute bargain for a great coach and should keep him in Boulder for a while. Stable leadership is important. It’s no coincidence that recruiting is starting to pick up with a new contract in hand.

After the new contract, CU got a new recruit.

Clyde Moore is quite the hitter, and a big pickup out of the State of California. Look for some more commits in the coming weeks as more visitors enjoy what Boulder has to offer.

Shifting to current teams, the track teams competed over the summer in national meets. The women came in 2nd in the country as a team, a fantastic accomplishment. But both teams also killed the class room, too.

The very successful track teams also own the classroom.

A quick walk over to the Coors Event Center shows teams hard at work hefting very large screens onto a very large frame. The new video board is rounding into shape, and should immensely improve spectating at the Keg. Maybe they could finally host a concert in there now? Who knows? The first chance to see the video board just got announced.

Volleyball finally finished off their schedule, and their first match is the first chance to see the video boards.

One man that will appear often in the video boards is George King. As one of the three seniors returning, a lot is on his shoulders. As the leading returning scorer and rebounder, he has even more. Sounds like he’s willing to round out his skill set.

George King is excited to be a senior, and wants to play D.

Another leader of the Basketbuffs is D’Shawn Schwartz. He wants to bring the freshman class above and beyond what the outgoing class has done.

D’Shawn Schwartz wants to lead, too.

Finally, Derrick White has made waves the past few months. He is one of the fastest rising players in the draft. He’s always been great, but no one watched him. Well, now people are noticing. And it’s going well.

Derrick White is getting mock-drafted in the first round.

Here is Sam Metivier’s wonderful profile on Derrick White

That’s all for now, folks. If you have another Buff stories from the past week, drop ‘em in the comments below.