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Colorado Board of Regents will decide extension for MacIntyre on June 15-16

The ongoing fallout in the university’s handling of Joe Tumpkin’s domestic violence allegation should conclude next month.

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The CU Board of Regents deliberated for over six hours Monday before deciding to table a decision of coach MacIntyre’s extension until the next scheduled meeting on June 15-16. A decision was expected to be reached from the panel of nine, but instead there’s another delay in the deadlocked process. MacIntyre’s $16.25 million extension thru the 2021 season was put on hold by the Board back in February.

The Board did direct CU president Bruce Benson to make the necessary changes to university policies and procedures, as a result of the inquiry into former assistant coach Joe Tumpkin’s domestic violence allegations.

Phil DiStefano, Mike MacIntyre, and Rick George were all present during the closed-door meeting in Denver. It’s unclear if all three were involved for the entire time.