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Mike MacIntyre is staying at Colorado

Last year’s national Coach of the Year is here to stay for more than one reason

NCAA Football: California at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes suffered a dismal 5-7 season, missing out on a second consecutive trip to the postseason with a 34-14 season finale loss against Utah. Many fans and critics were disappointed with coach Mike MacIntyre before the start of the season due to the so-called mishandling of abuse allegations towards former assistant coach Joe Tumpkin.

There was an evident sense of frustration that carried on throughout the season, but MacIntyre’s focus never strayed away from the football field. As of late, the some critics have questioned why the University of Colorado has decided to keep MacIntyre. In a time that CU Football has taken steps forward (and not back) for the first time in over a decade, it makes no logical sense that a clean sweep of a coaching staff would be a positive. Not to mention, given the state of the football program from five years ago, the expectations have been exceeded by MacIntyre and his staff.

Outside of the “moral” reasons why people are calling for a new coach, here’s a break down of what Colorado would have to pay Mac in a buyout situation, according to Brian Howell from the Boulder Daily Camera.

2017: $13,150,000

2018: $9,975,000

2019: $6,725,000

2020: $3,400,000

The only way (in the foreseeable future) in which MacIntyre leaves CU will be to a position elsewhere. Mac’s name has been rumored for other jobs at schools in the southern region of the country, but none of them have held any weight to this point.