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Pac-12 College Football Week 8 Notebook

They are who we thought they were.

Washington State v Arizona Photo by Jennifer Stewart/Getty Images

Stanford 15, Oregon State 14

This game was a tragedy. Not only for those dumb enough to watch this whole mess like me, but Oregon State and Cory Hall. As the scoring line indicates, the offenses of both teams were inept for most of the game. Keller Chryst for Stanford had a very bad game at QB, and OSU looked like OSU for the most part. Ryan Nall broke a few runs, but every passing play to see if the ball was dropped or if Darrell Garretson would get sacked. Somehow, someway, OSU was leading, with the ball, with 2 and a half minutes left. All you have to do is hold onto the ball. Instead, Ryan Nall gets tackled for a loss, ball pops out, and Stanford has a short field and 2 and a half minutes. And it still took a miracle 4th and 10 pass for them to get into scoring position. Then David Shaw really rubbed it in and called what seemed like 20 end zone fades in a row. Stanford scores, OSU doesn’t, game over. Really sad stuff all around. However, it makes me feel a little better about CU only beating OSU by one score, and makes me like Cory Hall lot. His players agree, and there is already a petition to keep him permanent circling the locker room.

Washington 44, UCLA 23

Ho-hum, just Washington destroying another conference opponent. They need to stay out of the desert because weird stuff happens to them down there. I do have to thank this game for inspiring this gem from the UCLA SB Nation blog:

Oregon 41, Utah 20

Y’know, it turns out that Oregon’s defense works a lot better when they get any modicum of production from the offense. Who’da Thunk? Braxton Burmeister went from hapless to merely below average, and Oregon rolled on the back of Rolls-Royce Freeman and acceptable QB play. Utah is unraveling after the USC game, and I can only hope they are fully unspooled by the team the Buffs go to Salt Lake City. Tyler Huntley is a young QB and it shows big time. For what feels like the first time in a while, the Utes are not top-notch along the lines.

Arizona 58, Washington State 37

It’s Khalil Tate’s world, and everyone should be extremely scared. Rich Rod stumbled on his golden goose. I keep thinking, “someone will figure out how to contain him”, but there’s nothing to contain. He either out-athletes everyone and runs it to the house, or you keep him in the pocket and he drops absolute dimes. And he’[s only a stupid sophomore. Ugh. Anyways, it wasn’t just about him this game. There was a lot of weird stuff. Luke Falk’s backup at WSU, Tyler Hilsinki, took the bulk of the snaps and looked ok, but when he messed up, he messed up bad. Arizona had four interceptions, and at least two of those were just awful decisions from Hilsinki. Despite that, WSU was somewhat in this game until Tate decided he was done playing with his food. The pick-6 put the coffin lid on WSU, but Tate welded it shut. The Cougars refused to run the ball again, despite a light box almost every play, and their defense was helpless for most of the game. Arizona is suddenly on top of the Pac-12 South with a chance to control their destiny.

USC 48, Arizona State 17

It’s amazing what happens when USC decides to play physical. It’s like they’re the dude in Mortal Kombat with 4 arms and a huge grab attack, but they insist on dodges and counters. This game, they decided to just punch ASU in the mouth over and over again. It was beautiful. Ronald Jones was allowed to run free and just destroyed the Sun Devils, Sam Darnold actually had time to throw, and the receivers broke tackles almost every catch. ASU looked unfocused and uninterested. On defense, the Trojans took Kalen Ballage and N’Keal Harry out of the game, and it was just easy after that. No one else could make plays consistently enough to make this a game. Keep in mind, 7 ASU points were from an end-of-half Hail Mary. USC just killed them. Coincidentally, these are CU’s next two points. Hopefully, ASU is just broken rather than pissed.

Good Weeks: CU, USC, UO, UW, UA

Okay Weeks: STAN, OSU

Bad Weeks: Cal, UCLA, ASU, WSU, Utah