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Pac-12 College Football Week 7 Notebook

Oh no, what is u doin

Washington v Arizona State Photo by Christian Petersen/Getty Images

This conference is built to confuse and frustrate. The Pac-12 is the Zubat of the college football world. Every gimme game becomes a “what just happened” game, every chip shot field goal is an adventure, and every contest is a four game to see if your heart gives up more than your defense. And I wouldn’t have it any other way because it’s so damn fun on weeks like this.

Cal 37, Washington State 3

Not taking anything away from Cal (I say as I’m about to do that), but WSU never made the trip. In fact, I’m not sure they even woke up on Saturday. They so thoroughly shot themselves in the foot that it could be tested for lead poisoning. Cal came out super aggressive on both sides of the ball, and the Cougars basically went fetal immediately. Turnovers, dropped balls, boneheaded penalties, they had them all. And now the Golden Bears get the satisfaction of knocking off a Top 10 team at home. The defense played very well, and their attitude was envy inducing. Their front seven is big and nasty and worth copying. On the other hand, their offense could get way more efficient. Ross Bowers is young and it shows, and Vic Enwere is not a fear-inducing RB starter. They will probably get better as the season goes along, but the high point total is a little disingenuous of the offense’s capabilities because of how many extra possessions they got.

USC 28, Utah 27

This game played to the hallmarks of both teams. For about 2 and a half quarters, Utah just played with both of USC’s lines like they were dolls. The Utes pushed the Trojans wherever they wanted and Zack Moss required at least five hits before he went down. They just punished USC. Then Sam Darnold, fresh off of three fumbles, remembered that he is, in fact, magic. Play after play was made after he was running for his life. But I don’t want to follow the rest of the media and just say that Sam made the plays and Sam tied his teammate’s shoes and Sam did their laundry. Ronald Jones is a baaaaaad man and Tyler Vaughns is going to give me nightmares for three more years. Darnold has talent around him, but he also made the plays necessary to give it to them. The end of the game was crazy. Utah just could not move the ball once USC figured out that Zack Moss is good, and they still almost won. I love the 2 point conversion call after the late touchdown to pull within 1. Play to win, baby! Make it a one play game rather than a multi-possession game. Plus, I needed to watch other games and I appreciated the shortening of the game.

Arizona 47, UCLA 30

This game was the most relieving for the Buffaloes. I was watching this game just to see if Khalil Tate was only good because CU was bad, of if he is actually Michael Vick 2.0 . Turns out he is Michael Vick 2.0, which I temporarily celebrated because it means that the Buffs aren’t that terrible at defense, but then I got very sad because it means that he will be there next year doing the same exact thing. Ugh. The Wildcats just ran it right down UCLA’s throats, who were thoroughly confused when Josh Rosen didn’t start playing linebacker to bail them out again. Over 600 yards of offense, over 400 yards rushing, and the Bruins were completely dominated. How many lives does Jim Mora have?

ASU 13, Washington 7

This game was so bizarre to watch. Arizona State played very well on defense, and Manny Wilkins kept making plays at QB. Two strange things. Then Washington plays like its feet are stuck in molasses. Myles Gaskin can’t run anywhere and Jake Browning has approximately ten seconds to throw the ball every play and still can’t complete a pass. It was all very strange. What’s even weirder is that Washington made almost no adjustments. They were scoreless at half, so what do they do? The exact same stuff. Slow-developing plays, runs up the middle, and incomplete passes were not cutting it. It was a very un-Chris Petersen performance. Well, except for the kicking. That was about right. Todd Graham may have just saved his job, which is good or bad depending on how you feel about him.

Stanford 49, Oregon 7

This blog is very close to turning into a Bryce Love and Phillip Lindsay fan page. In ONE HALF ON 14 CARRIES, he put up 150 yards and two touchdowns. I love him. Also, Oregon really needs a QB and Jim Leavitt misses the Buffalo seniors.

Good Weeks: Cal, Arizona, ASU, Stanford

Okay Weeks: USC, Utah, CU, OSU

Bad Weeks: WSU, UW, UO, UCLA