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Colorado vs. UCLA one of the 10 worst football games of the year

We knew at the time this was a classic shitshow.

NCAA Football: UCLA at Colorado Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The Colorado Buffaloes missed out on SB Nation’s Top 100 games of 2016 entirely, and while many would argue CU’s victory over Oregon belongs, it’s not the biggest surprise to see them omitted. Instead, the Buffs have found themselves on an illustrious list: The 10 worst college football games of 2016.

The featured game was Colorado’s 20-10 win over UCLA on a Thursday night in Folsom Field. That game was about as unwatchable as you could find. With all the turnovers, penalties, punts, more penalties and the like, it was a game to endure, not to enjoy. It certainly belongs among the 10 worst games of the season.

Jason Kirk of SB Nation described the game as such:

It wasn’t just the penalties (25, with 11 personal fouls!), it was how uncharacteristic they were, at least on one side. Colorado ranked No. 43 this year in penalties per game and would’ve ranked No. 21 if this game hadn’t happened. UCLA would’ve moved from No. 86 to No. 59.

The Buffs had more personal fouls in this game than they had regular fouls in almost any other game. It was like watching your chillest neighbor spend four hours trying to start a fight with a mailbox.

In our recap, one brilliant writer summed it up in two parts:

To describe this game in two words, it would be "ROCK FIGHT". The difference between UCLA and CU, of course, would be that you can’t win a rock fight against a team with all of Boulder behind them.


The second half was a horror show that was so focused on mayhem and gore that they forgot to develop anything close to an exciting plot.

Let’s relive some key moments from that game, shall we?

Sefo Liufau being a badass:

Whatever this was from Chris Graham making the official highlights:

And finally, Isaiah Oliver’s game-winning punt return touchdown: