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The Week in Review: Colorado vs. Michigan

The back-and-forth banter between the Buffs and Wolverines made for an interesting pregame.

MLB: Chicago Cubs at Colorado Rockies Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

This week was a doozy for both the Colorado Buffaloes and No. 4 Michigan Wolverines.

Both teams and their respective athletic departments added some entertainment value to this weekend’s match up in Ann Arbor (1:30 pm MT, BTN).

In case you missed it, get some popcorn ready.


Colorado's Athletic Department requested a depth chart from Michigan and was denied. So, CU’s coaches thought it would be appropriate to do the same, but in the spirit of good fun decided to release a chart full of characters.

Michigan defeated UCF two days prior and coach Jim Harbaugh got so bored during the game that he decided to dig for gold. Monday on his radio show, Harbaugh denied that it ever happened.

Roll the tape...

Spaulding from the movie "Caddyshack" and Harbaugh might have a lot in common.


Colorado wanted everyone to share in the fun by posting it on social media. Except one group of people didn’t find it humorous— Michigan Football.

And that started an epic back-and-forth with both schools on Twitter.

Fox Sports host and former Buffs QB Joel Klatt chimed in on the exchange.

And the Pac-12 Networks found the conversation was fantastic, but Michigan still needed the last word...

No, you can’t. Yes, I can!


Dave Plati’s depth chart was an instant hit and made the rounds all the way to ESPN’s SportsCenter.

But Colorado wouldn’t leave Michigan hanging on what fun "*is*" ....

Later than day, when everything seemed to calm down and the focus shifted to the game. Through all of the hype and banter, the NCAA gave CU’s mascot Ralphie the title of "Best entrance in college football."

Convenient timing?


One of the people "under the rock" might have been Michigan coach Jim Harbaugh, who not only took three days to respond, but went on the radio with 97.1 FM the Ticket’s Jamie & Stoney in Detroit to do so.

During the interview, he mocked Colorado’s depth chart and wasn’t amused by the slightest.

"I saw the depth chart," Harbaugh said. "I was trying to imagine how many people sat around and how many hours they worked on that. We've just found, I mean, when it comes to the depth chart-- modern technology seems to have made the depth chart an outdated task by about 20 years. We've found studying last week's film of the opponent is the most accurate way of determining another team's depth chart."

"There's so much written about the team that's on the internet. For those of us who can or do watch the games-- they're all on television now as well. We just felt like modern technology was the most accurate way of knowing what that opponent's depth char is by looking at the previous week's film. And not relying on another PR director's assessment of what the depth chart is."

Harbaugh might want to loosen up his khakis a little and laugh. For a guy who’s usually confident, he seems somewhat nervous about the matchup with CU.

Even ESPN "His and Hers" hosted by Michael Smith and Jemele Hill thought Harbaugh should lighten up.


Michigan woke up feeling refreshed and wanted the world to know it was happy for 500K followers on Twitter (even if some might be robots).

The team in blue got the last word with a "chest-pumping" graphic (of sorts).

A perfect way to end the week - on the field.

Colorado and Michigan meet at the "Big House" Today (9/17) with kickoff scheduled at 1:30 p.m. MT. TV: Big Ten Network, Radio 850 AM KOA (Colorado) 950 AM WWJ (Michigan). Streaming: BTN app (most major TV & Satellite providers).