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Chidobe Awuzie Focused on Team Success

The senior cornerback is ready to lead the Buffs defense.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Chidobe Awuzie has spent three years in this program. In that time, he has gone from promising freshman contributor to absolute defensive star. We here at Ralphie Report have sung his praises for quite a while, as have most of the local media, but lately it seems as if Chido has broke through the regional wall. National analysts have finally noticed his stellar play because he made it impossible not to. Todd McShay commented on his NFL prospects, Pro Football Focus named him the number one returning PAC-12 corner, and the other PAC-12 teams are pointing to Number 4 as the number one difference maker in Boulder. And he deserves all of the praise. So what does he think about the attention?

"I don’t pay attention to it, I haven’t really looked into any of that stuff. It’s good to hear and it definitely speaks for our defense and what we’ve done as a unit. They’re starting to recognize, and more people are going to recognize after this season, but my main goal this year is to win. I’m not focused on any of that stuff."

That message has been consistent with many of the players interviewed from the program. They end almost every thought with winning. It's on their minds constantly and who could blame them? Chidobe and his fellow seniors have worked for three years with little to show for it in the win-loss record. In their final go around, Awuzie and company want to go out on top.

It is an absolute joy to watch Chidobe play football. There are numerous videos on YouTube of CU games from the past two years, and when you re-watch the defensive side, just pay attention to number 4. He is always around the ball, and his playmaking ability is one of the main reasons he lines up at nickel back so often. Simply put, you want Awuzie as close to the ball as possible at all times.

He is a wrecking ball and a handcuff, depending on the situation. The man responsible for getting him in position to make plays is Jim Leavitt, who's been around the block many times. He is much more aggressive than any coordinator that's been in Boulder recently, and the players have responded positively to the change in attitude. And if you know anything about Jim Leavitt, you know he's fun, and that resonates with the players.

He’s made the biggest change in my career of football that I’ve seen so far. He’s just made football fun again, made us all passionate about the game again, and I think it’s really helped us play at the highest of our ability and to reach our full potential.

Chidobe Awuzie is a bad, bad man on the football field and a great ambassador for the football program. He is the quintessential Mike MacIntyre player: under appreciated coming into college, and the complete package coming out of it. His senior season should be full of fireworks and highlight reel plays. But Chidobe could care less about the highlights unless they include a thirteenth game.

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