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Colorado Buffaloes wearing all white uniforms for championship

The Pac-12 will be the best-looking title game this week.

NCAA Football: Colorado at Oregon Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

If you want to see the best uniform matchup of the week, look no further than Colorado vs. Washington on Friday night. When both schools bring their A game, no one looks better on the field. Performance-wise and uniform-wise. Friday will prove that to be true.

CU will be going with the "Stormtrooper" look, wearing white on all fronts. It is worth noting that a small sample size of two games yields zero losses in this get-up for the Buffs, and they’ll take all the voodoo they can get against the #4 Washington Huskies. This game has playoff ramifications and should CU win, they’ll lock up the Rose Bowl or higher. Just a quick refresher of the last time that CU wore these jerseys...