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Colorado Buffaloes No. 15 in initial College Football Playoff Rankings

The Buffaloes have plenty of games to make up ground (I can't believe I'm saying that).

Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports

The first College Football Playoff rankings of the 2016 season have now been officially released and our Colorado Buffaloes sit at No. 15. I repeat, the Buffaloes ARE RANKED NUMBER 15. What's even better? They keep winning and finish the season as South Division and Pac-12 Conference Champions and there's not a whole lot that has to happen for them to be included in the playoff. What a season we are living through.

Three other Pac-12 teams were included in the rankings. Washington at No. 5 (it's ludicrous that A&M is at four), Utah right behind Colorado at No. 16 and Washington State at No. 25. The Buffaloes still play both Utah and WSU and with wins could play the Huskies in the Pac-12 Championship game. The Buffs also took on No. 3 Michigan.

Here are the full rankings: