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Video: Refs find new ways to delay Colorado against Hawaii

The Buffaloes are screwed in a comeback attempt against the Warriors.

Sometimes it just seems the world is against us doesn't it? Colorado trailed Hawaii 28-20 very late in last nights game. The Buffs got the ball down inside the 10 with about 12 seconds to go, but had no timeouts (after having two blow two earlier in the half). They needed to get one more quick snap off, score and convert the two-point conversion just to tie the Warriors and send this thing to overtime.

One problem: the official couldn't hang onto the dang ball and didn't give Colorado a chance.

The Buffs get the ball to the umpire quickly, and it makes its way to the center judge. They get back to the line of scrimmage in time, and should have been able to get the snap off with seconds to spare. But the ball bounces off Hawaii's No. 36 and the ref muffs it and is in the center's way preventing Colorado from getting the ball snapped in time. Hawaii wins. Colorado is 0-1.

Granted, this is not a situation the Buffaloes should have been in as Colorado couldn't get out of it's own way on Thursday night, but it hurts none the less.