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Colorado Buffaloes vs. Nicholls Colonels: Enemy Intel

Ralphie Report talks to Bryant Johnson about the Colonels coming into Boulder and the game this Saturday.

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This week, the Buffs come off an emotional game in Denver and face one of the easier opponents on the schedule, to put it lightly. Nicholls State rolls into town with 20 straight losses (the majority of which were in FCS play), and the Colonels figure that if Sacramento State (trigger warning) can do it, why can't they? I talked with Bryant Johnson, voice of the Colonels, about the Nicholls squad and one of the more interesting players on the roster, Jeffrey Hall.

Coach MacIntyre has talked about the option-like offense the Colonels run. What does this offense look like and what’s the best way to defend it?

Spread offense with a read option look at QB.  Quarterback ran for over 1,000 yards two years ago and looks for lanes.  Speed on the edge and a bruising nose tackle can nullify a lot of their speed.

How does the team feel about coming in to Boulder? Are they confident they can pull out a win

Team is trying to stay healthy during their trip to Boulder.  51 point under dogs... they're looking to develop the confidence of their offense and defense but understand how monumental of a task they're up against.

Jeffrey Hall, a former Colorado defensive back, looks to be starting for the Colonels this year. Is he doing well and do you think he might have a little extra motivation this Sunday?

Jeff is excited.  He understands his separation from CU occurred under a difficult circumstance and is thankful for a second opportunity in Louisiana.  He's from here and it's been the perfect place to get settled and finish up his career.  He feels fortunate to have been given an opportunity to play at CU and appreciates the support he received while there.

I'm not going to do the normal "quick-hitter predictions" because the all have the same outcome- advantage Buffs. There shouldn't be too much to talk about, and at this time around 2 on Saturday CU will be 3-1. The biggest thing to avoid for both team is injuries. Right before conference play is the worst time to have someone go down, though there never is a good time. Play clean, mistake-free football, enjoy the three-game winning streak, and gear up for Oregon next week, because #PAC12AfterDark and Folsom Magic have never intertwined so easily. All in all, there is no better place to be than Folsom Field on a Saturday, and this weekend should be stress-free from kickoff to kneel-down.