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Colorado Buffaloes release the Hawaii depth chart

That's right, it's basically a game week.

Scott Olmos-USA TODAY Sports

It may not technically be game "week" yet but at only five days away from the Colorado Buffaloes season opener it may as well be. The Buffaloes have released their two-deep depth chart for the opener this coming Thursday night.

Most of the depth chart is as expected but there were some interesting moves on the defensive side of the ball. Three transfers who have yet to play for CU are now listed a top their respective positions.

At outside linebacker, former Air Force quarterback Jaleel Awini is listed as the starter, with returning letterman Christian Shaver listed No. 2. At right defensive end, sophomore junior college transfer Leo Jackson III is listed ahead of junior Jimmie Gilbert, who started nine games for the Buffs last season. At defensive tackle, junior Jordan Carrell — another junior college transfer — is slated to start ahead of two-year letterman Samson Kafovalu.

All three began fall camp listed as second on the Buffs' "pencil" depth chart, with Awini actually listed as a defensive end. While the three are currently listed atop the depth chart, there's little doubt that those at No. 2 will see playing time in Hawaii, especially given the expected hot and humid conditions.

Outside of the three transfers, the other bit move was sophomore strong safety Ryan Moeller making a jump over Evan White at the position.

Meanwhile, there are still four positions still up in the air.

At left guard, it's Jonathan Huckins or Shane Callahan. At fullback, George Frazier and Jordan Murphy are in the top spot. And, both special teams spots are still open, with freshman Alex Kinney and Chris Graham listed at punter and Diego Gonzalez and Graham at placekicker.

We've made it you guys. We've made it.

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