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There Will Be Beer at Folsom... Two Beer Gardens Announced

Two new beer gardens will debut Saturday night.

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

Can I get a hell yes for Rick George? The Colorado athletic director today announced that two new beer gardens will debut on Saturday night on the west side of the stadium. The Buffalo Beer Garden presented by Hazel's will be open near the buffalo statue at the southwest plaza and the Balch Beer Garden will be open inside Balch Fieldhouse two hours before kickoff.

Both beer and wine will be sold (to anyone over 21 of course) in the gardens and will not be allowed in the seating sections of the stadium.

This is the first time that fans in the regular seating areas of the stadium will be allowed to purchase alcohol since 1996 when the Buffs joined the Big 12 conference.

Like the idea and want to show you appreciation (and encourage more) to Rick George for implementing the change? AllBuffs has a great way to do so.