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Auburn transfer Shane Callahan declared eligible

The NCAA has ruled that the offensive lineman will suit up for the Buffaloes in 2014.

Colorado has received some fantastic news in learning that Colorado native and Auburn transfer offensive lineman Shane Callahan has been declared eligible to play immediately.

Phil covered his potential impact last Saturday and had some insights into what Buffs fans can expect.

That decision could be potentially huge for the Buffs offensive line. To be fair, he's only played a handful of snaps against crappy teams while at Auburn, and also redshirted, so it's been a while since he played consistently, but our offensive line is a clear position of importance that needs improvement, and Callahan would definitely help that. He's a former 4-star recruit with the size and technique who can step in immediately and contribute.

And that's important. Our offensive line was bad last year, and I wasn't impressed at the spring game - particularly at tackle. Right now, our tackles project to be Stephane Nembot, who has struggled in pass protection, and either Marc Mustoe or Jeromy Irwin at left tackle. Mustoe has not impressed, and Irwin has been injured and barely played. Adding Callahan to the mix is huge.

That said, he shouldn't be counted on as a savior. Some Buffs fans praise this former blue chip recruit from the SEC as a game changer, and also dismiss former blue chip SEC recruit RB Dee Hart going to CSU. Neither are true. Both add hope and options at positions of need, but neither are anything proven.

Awesome news for the Colorado offensive line that came at a great time. Now Shane and the Buffaloes staff can move forward knowing that he will be available to step on the field as soon as he is deemed ready.