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Buffaloes fall camp days 10-14 roundup

Which young Buffs are ready to step up?

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We're nearing the end of the 2014 Colorado Buffaloes fall camp and getting closer and closer to game week. Tons of links to keep you busy in the mean time. If any of you are going to camp and want to share your impressions please don't hesitate to shoot me an email.

Colorado's Youth Movement Battling For Playing Time - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

"Jordan has done really well," MacIntyre said. "He’s doing just like he did in the spring and has improved. He has a good grasp of the offense. He’s showing his athleticism and making some plays. He’s a good leader and has a great attitude. So, I’m excited about what I see out of Jordan."

Notes: Coleman back practicing after brief scare - Buff Stampede ($)

"I just had a pretty bad stinger in my neck. I am fine now. It was nothing too serious. They just had to take precautionary steps," he explained. "I knew it wasn't anything serious, I was telling them that I was fine, because after a minute or two I was able to move my neck again."

CU football: Andy LaRussa making Buffs DEs better - Buffzone

"We talk about that all the time," LaRussa said. "They're going to attack us, but they don't know what we got. I don't think they know our athleticism that we have out there and I don't think they know the strengths that our guys have yet. I think that is good. Our guys are working hard and I think they're going to be ready for it. There is going to be some growing pains. It's unavoidable, but these guys are really studying hard and doing everything they can to prepare themselves for those situations."

CU football: Buffs' Bryce Bobo looking to make a difference - Buffzone

"I just have to keep working on my craft every day with coach (Troy) Walters and the other receivers, and just getting a better chemistry with the quarterbacks," he said. "I think I'll be a really big playmaker on this team. "I'm not Paul Richardson fast at all, but I'm fast enough to where I can get past my defender and restack them. I have a burst after I catch the ball where I can get away."

Brooks: Liufau Hopes To Be More Heady As 2nd-Year QB - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

"Looking at games and throws from last year, some decisions could have changed the game," Liufau said. "The Arizona game – I don’t like to go back on those because it’s kind of upsetting – but if I would have hit D.D. (Goodson) on his fade route and scored a touchdown it could have changed the game drastically . . . I’ve got to make better decisions this year."

CU football: Mike MacIntyre gets scientific to monitor his Buffs - Buffzone

Colorado head football coach Mike MacIntyre said that a blood work study of his players might help him to better handle tough academic weeks this season. Every week during the 2013 season, the CU medical staff conducted blood tests on the Buffs. MacIntyre was enlightened when looking at the results.

CU football: Tupou, Solis are backbone of Buffs' defense - Buffzone

"If we come out there and play with passion and energy, the rest of the defense will follow," Solis said. "I absolutely feel me and Josh are like the rock of our defense. We really get the defense going."

Brooks: D-line Seeking Stronger Inside QB Pressure - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado

"This holds true: All the successful teams usually have a good push inside with the interior guys. If you look at teams that have high sack numbers, they usually have good guys inside rushing the quarterback."

CU football: Matured Yuri Wright fighting for playing time at CB - Buffzone

"Yuri has improved," MacIntyre said. "He's starting to understand the coverages a little bit better and understand the feel of where to be on the field. I have seen a jump in Yuri the last few days. I really have."

CU football: Matured Yuri Wright fighting for playing time at CB - Buffzone

"Yuri has improved," MacIntyre said. "He's starting to understand the coverages a little bit better and understand the feel of where to be on the field. I have seen a jump in Yuri the last few days. I really have."

CU football: Darragh O'Neill, Will Oliver bringing positive energy to Buffs - Buffzone

Two of the most cordial players to wear a Colorado uniform over the past few years, O'Neill and Oliver didn't get along early in their careers. Yet, as the starting punter and kicker enter their senior years, they have developed a friendship off the field and a better special teams unit on the field.

Howell: Mike MacIntyre instilling belief in CU Buffs - Buffzone

"When you do all of that ... you start producing more wins," MacIntyre said. "We all know we have to produce more wins. Definitely that will come. But, I believe if you put the wins first and put all of that on them and it's just about wins, I really don't think it ends up happening like you want it to. Especially, when you're rebuilding a program. It starts from the ground roots up. I think we've set a good foundation and we're trying to build on that foundation. Where that takes us this year, I hope it takes us to a lot more wins."

CU football freshman report - Buffzone

WR Shay Fields — This is probably a no-brainer. Fields was the highest rated player in the Buffs' 2014 recruiting class and he looks the part so far this month. It helps that Fields is also one of the fastest players on the team, maybe the fastest, and the offense really needs that speed in its arsenal. He still has a long way to go in terms of doing all the little things right in the mold of Nelson Spruce.

More links:

Colorado_mediumBuffs Football!

Some random predictions for the 2014 Pac-12 season: Oregon will blowout Stanford? - Pacific Takes

Colorado pulls off an upset, maybe even two, of a Pac-12 team in Boulder. The Buffs will continue to get better under Mike MacIntyre. I don't think they are finally going to get back to a bowl, but I think they will upset a better Pac-12 team that heads into Boulder this year and maybe even two. Look out Arizona State, UCLA, Utah, Oregon State and Washington.

Pac-12 rivalry heat meter - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

The meter: Tepid while awaiting some seasoning Sure, this is a bit of an artificial rivalry. They are paired as rivals because they joined the conference together. But as both start to develop their Pac-12 legs, you can count on this rivalry heating up. They will be compared for a long time. Neither wants to be the one not measuring up. And don't forget the "Red Bike Incident."

Campus Sports Exclusive Interview: Sefo Liufau, QB Colorado Buffaloes | Campus Sports Net

Sefo – I just expect us to go out there and give it our all and win it every week. I think we will be able to compete with everyone, [it] doesn’t matter who’s on our schedule. I’m not just expecting to go to a bowl game, but I’m expecting to go 1-0 each week and focus on the team and take it game by game.

Pac-12 recruits who fill biggest needs - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

OG Timmy Lynott Like Walker with Arizona, Lynott would be mentioned with the Buffs likely no matter the category of this list. Colorado did a very good job with offensive linemen in the 2013 class and added a few pieces this past signing day as well, but if the Buffs are going to truly be competitive in the Pac-12, it starts up front along both lines. Lynott fills both a need on the field as well as off, with his football ability and momentum he can give Colorado on the recruiting trail.

Best Pac-12 stadium entrances - Pac-12 Blog - ESPN

1. Colorado: Look, I know Colorado has been down since joining the Pac-12, but it's possible its entrance at Folsom Field is the best entrance in all of college football. Why? Why! If you asked that question it's because you haven't seen the Buffaloes' entrance. Colorado tops this list because the team runs out behind a real, live 1,300 pound -- plus or minus -- Buffalo that can reach speeds of 25 mph. Not only is it awesome to watch, there's always just a little bit of the ole potential NASCAR wreck to it. Ralphie often has a mind of her own, and more than a few folks have ended up on the turf -- including her handlers -- while she made her mad dash. Ask Fox reporter Jim Knox (search for it on YouTube). Here's an official look.

Reigniting the Spirit of Colorado Buffaloes football in 2014 | The Daily Sports Herald

Indeed, 2014 will unveil the first meaningful PAC-12 season for the Colorado Buffaloes. Based on the favorable opponents early in the season, and a favorable road matchup against the California Golden Bears, the Buffs can easily start the season 4-1, or even 5-0. Look for CU to restore the home field advantage at Folsom Field early in the season and force enough wins for a bowl berth.

Colorado QB Sefo Liufau ready to lead charge | Reading Eagle - AP

"Everyone here feels we can do this," Liufau said. "We have a lot more drive and focus compared to last year. That's not to dog anyone from last year's team, but I think everyone is a lot more comfortable and sees the plan that the coach is trying to implement."

CSU president Tony Frank considers options on on-campus stadium - Buffzone

He emphasized giving up and committing to improving the off-campus Hughes Stadium, which opened in 1968, would cost at least $30 million — and inevitably tap into the general fund. He said there was "minimal donor interest" in contributing to a refurbishing of Hughes.

Survey: ASU is the most hated college basketball team in Arizona

"The Buffaloes had a beef with Jordan Bachynski. Two years ago, he got tangled with then-freshman Josh Scott and Scott hit the court hard. He left with a concussion and Bachynski left Boulder with a reputation as a dirty player, which is obviously not true. Give Colorado fans this: They have good memories. They let Bachynski have it whenever he touched the ball last season."