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Buffs Running Back Terrence Crowder Arrested for "Mud-Rubbing"

Well here is today's kind of strange story.

Not exactly the kind of thing we wanted to read about today, but when you have three weeks off and a 500-year storm some unsettling and plain weird stories are probably going to come out.

From College Football Talk:

This is where things took a kindergarten turn as, over the next several minutes, Crowder allegedly threw small rocks at the woman, attempted to trip her and rubbed mud in her hair and pulled her hair. No information was available as to whether Crowder also accused the woman of having cooties.

The woman told police that a group of men had passed by previously and whistled at her, which made her uncomfortable. She asked Crowder if she could continue walking with him because she did not feel safe.

Crowder told her no and crossed the street to create distance between them, according to the report. The woman said Crowder then began throwing small rocks and other flood debris at her. Then Crowder rubbed mud in her hair and pulled her hair.

The woman then began running toward Williams Village at 30th Street and Baseline Road. Crowder followed and kicked her legs, trying to trip her, according to the report. The woman got away and saw a CU police officer nearby.

The charges certainly aren't a laughing matter as Crowder was hit with domestic violence, third-degree assault and harassment. The sooner the Buffs can return to the field, the better.