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Buffaloes Fall Camp Day Two Roundup

Checking in with the interwebs to get the scoop on Colorado fall camp.

View the full BuffStampede gallery ($):
View the full BuffStampede gallery ($):
Courtesy of Edward Navarro

Day two of the 2013 Colorado Buffaloes fall camp is in the book! - Notes: Lindgren's new group of quarterbacks ($) - BuffStampede spoke to offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren to get the scoop on the quarterback position. Certainly sounds positive so far (do not get your hopes up, do not get your hopes up, do not get... too late, hopes are up).

Wood entered camp No. 1 on the depth chart and Lindgren said it is his job to lose, but he is anxious to see how the newcomers perform as they continue to get more familiar with the system. Both have already made a favorable impression on Lindgren.

"I really like Jordan Gehrke. He has a very efficient release, he gets the ball out and he is a very accurate passer," he said. "Unfortunately we weren't able to get him reps in the spring so we're just trying to bring him along. He has all the tools it is just a matter of him getting familiar with what we're doing. He is athletic enough in the pocket to make people miss and scramble and make some plays when things break down and that excites us about Jordan.

"I have been extremely impressed with Sefo Liufau, too, as much as I have ever been impressed with a freshman coming out. He is as far along as I have ever seen a freshman coming into camp. Usually they really struggle with the speed of the game and adjusting to more complex routes and different coverages. He is a really mature kid and is everything we thought he would be when we were recruiting him. I am thrilled. I think his future is definitely bright."

Buffs Waste No Time, Energy In MacIntyre’s Practices - - Official Athletics Web site of the University of Colorado - CUBuffs talks about the organization and paces of the practices so far under Coach Mac (I like...).

The constant use of multiple practice fields gives Colorado coaches the opportunity to keep players in shape and develop them at a rapid rate instead of having large groups of players standing around doing little for long periods of time.

"The tempo’s very important," MacIntyre said. "We’re getting repetitions and getting in shape then that’ll put pressure on them during the game. The pressure, tempo, and hurrying up (are all important). They have to communicate better so it teaches them all of those attributes."

Although the pace is faster, the team has yet to show any signs of fatigue. The players’ stamina level remains high even after a three-month layoff – a credit to the off-season conditioning work overseen by Dave Forman, the director of sports performance, and the summer player-run practices (PRPs).

Football: CU Buffs' Mike MacIntyre installing scheme bit by bit - Buffzone - Buffzone is breaking up their coverage into little bite sizes pieces (page views!) so I'll put stories specific to that days' practice in these reports and the more general stories in Buff Bites.

"I'm a true believer in knowledge equals confidence equals playing fast," MacIntyre said. "I think you can overload them and they can slow down. So it's very important. There is a fine line there to make sure you don't do that." MacIntyre was asked if he has put in some new wrinkles that weren't in the offense he ran at San Jose State last season and might surprise CSU coaches. "Oh yeah, the whole offense," MacIntyre joked. "We're putting the Wishbone in."

Football: CU Buffs' MacIntyre says there's plenty of playing time to go around - Buffzone

Mike MacIntyre said Wednesday he envisions using a lot of different players in games, which is one reason why he tries to maximize the number of practices repetitions. He wants starters and backups and their backups prepared for any situation. "We'll play quite a few different people," he said. "The way we practice, all the kids will be prepared."