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PPP: Colorado Buffaloes Preseason Position Preview

Day by day we inch closer to the 2013 college football season (or are we inching away from last years?). I will start breaking down our roster by position grouping. This first one is an intro, a window into what happens in my mind. It gets crazy in there...

Doug Pensinger

Oh yeah. Fall camp. That time of year when last season seems almost far enough removed to forget. I don't know about you all but internally THIS conversation is happening:

Reason: "Hey what's that? Who is there."

Whimsy: "Oh hi, remember me, you tried to kill me last year but I am back."

Reason: "I never tried to kill you, you didn't exist, you never should have been here anyway. We had an inexperienced second year coaching staff that in year one proved they were, well, inexperienced. I mean I tried to stay strong knowing that last year was going to be a painful rebuilding job."

Whimsy: "Hahaha, oh Reason, you fool. While you were busy studying the lack of depth at, well everywhere, I snuck in while the coaching staff closed fall practices to the public. I saw my opportunity to take over control while you were reading all the reports of what a beast so-and-so was, and how improved the o-line is, and how much the youth in the secondary will bring much needed energy to the game."

Reason "AHHHH I know, I know I let myself ignore the facts and I held hope for the season. But, not this year! I won't do it again. I will give Mac time to develop, my expectations will remain low."

Whimsy: "That is great Reason, I am so proud of you for looking at this with a level head.

Reason: "Thanks."

Whimsy: "But, gosh, can you believe what you are hearing about how great Connor is looking after player run practices this summer. Oh, and Powell whoa is he a monster, he looks primed to have a breakout year, especially since the O-Line came back bigger and stronger than ever not to mention how much they gelled this offseason. And those DB's who might still be young on paper, have been forged in the fire of last season, every opposing QB should fear that unit. And let's not even mention Paul Richardson and the rest of the receiving unit, what he did against Cal should be EASILY replicated over and over this season. Oh and Sefo!"


And with that, I bring to you PPP, the Preseason Position Previews.

Every couple of days I will be breaking down each positional unit. I will let you know what they are saying, what the coaches are saying, what fans are saying, what the media is saying, and most importantly what I am saying. Tomorrow I will break down the quarterbacks because in the wise words of Don Shula: "Sure, luck means a lot in football. Not having a good quarterback is bad luck.