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Connor Wood Named Starting Quarterback Against Colorado State

With that... it's officially game week!

Cary Edmondson-US PRESSWIRE

You guys, we have made it. Game week is here. We are six days from the Buffs taking the field against the Colorado St. Rams at Mile High in Denver. Now we even know who will be leading the offense. B.G. Brooks has reported that Connor Wood will be the starting quarterback on Sunday against the Rams. In the surprise department it is true freshman Sefo Liufau that is listed as his back-up. There goes that redshirt season...

"Since March it's been a really, really good growing process for me - especially this summer," Wood said. "It was a big time for me and my maturation in the offense. It served me well."

"I've been pleased with his progress," Wood's position coach, offensive coordinator Brian Lindgren, said. "Attending the Manning Academy in the summer was really big for him, being around some starters from around the country. You could tell his confidence was boosted from that. And being selected a captain by his teammates - that's as big an honor as you can have, in my opinion. It shows the confidence this team has in him."

Here's a link to the full depth chart. We'll bring you more analysis later today.