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Buffaloes Fall Camp Day Sixteen Roundup

Checking in with the interwebs to get the scoop on Colorado fall camp.

Day sixteen of the 2013 Colorado Buffaloes fall camp is in the book! Practices are now closed as the team begins to prepare for Colorado State so information will most likely be scarce from here on out. - Bell back to pre-injury form ($) - BuffStampede has stories on two members of the secondary that need to make a big leap in 2013.

"My knowledge has grown, I've gotten stronger, I've gotten faster, and just grown as a player," he said. Improvements so vast, that when MacIntyre needed a starting free safety, he went to Jered. "Right now he is starting," said MacIntyre. "So unless he screws that up we plan on him contributing a lot." - Junior cornerback has lofty goals

"We're going to be way more prepared this year," he said of getting to practice against a no-huddle offense. "We see formations and know what routes come out of those formations, which is something we didn't learn a lot last year. We can now anticipate what's coming to your side. In the game we're not going to get tired, we'll know how to react to everything. Things will really slow down for us."

Football: Darragh O'Neill happy with his role for CU Buffs - Buffzone - Buffzone has blurbs on the o-line, Darragh O'Neill (Buffs best player?) and most importantly, a quick update on the QB race.

Although he had never played football before the 2011 season, O'Neill is now considered one of the best punters in the country. O'Neill has been named to several preseason all-Pac-12 lists. He's also one of 25 punters around the nation to be included in the watch list for the Ray Guy Award, presented annually to the best punter in the country.

"I feel good. I'm definitely ready (for the season)," O'Neill said. "We've got a few more days to iron some things out along the front line, but I personally feel ready to go. I feel more confident than I have my in my first two seasons here."

Football: CU Buffs' Mike MacIntyre hesitates to name a starting quarterback - Buffzone

MacIntyre said that doesn't mean he believes all four are truly ready to handle the job, he's just not ready to name a starter or give CSU coaches any better idea of who they might face in the opener. "I don't know if any one of the four could be, but we're getting them all a lot of reps," MacIntyre said. "The way we practice the starter would get just as many reps as the backup or the fourth team guy. They get a ton of reps, which helps them be ready to go."

Howell blog: CU Buffs' young linemen coming along - Buffzone

"I think it's difficult for a pure freshman guy to play this position," Bernardi said. "I'm prejudice, but I would say yeah (it's the toughest position for a true freshman), because the physicality and the strength of the position. There are guys that can do it once in a while." Although CU's true freshmen linemen may not see the field this year, Bernardi said he sees good things out of them in the future.


Mike MacIntyre Post Practice Questions