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Colorado Buffaloes NCAA 2014 Player Ratings

Find out what Buffs are the highest rated in EA Sports popular college football game.

While we are now less than 60 days away from the first look at Mike MacIntyre's team and the return of the Colorado Buffaloes. Unfortunately these last two months can be the slowest of the entire year. Luckily we are just days away from the release of NCAA 2014, the college football video game from EA Sports. This season, the Buffaloes are a 79 overall with a 81 on offense and a 78 on defense.

In order to get everyone set for the release and properly prepared to play with what will most likely be a video game rebuilding project (just like the actual squad) we have the top ten highest rated Buffs in the game.


RE #96 - Chidera Uzo-Diribe - 86
P #8 - Darragh O'Neill - 84
WR #6 - Paul Richardson - 84
HB #46 - Christian Powell - 83
RT #77 - Stephane Nembot - 83
SS #41 - Terrel Smith - 83
CB #20 - Greg Henderson - 82
QB #7 - Shane Dillon - 81
HB #18 - Donta Abron - 80
K #28 - Will Oliver - 80

Eek, an 86 is the highest rated player on the entire Buffs team. Want to think positive? Shane Dillon, Christian Powell and Donta Abron give you quite the backfield to build upon if you like to use the Dynasty mode (which you do, right?).

Now it's your turn to "Keep it Real" in the comments section. Give us your thoughts on what they got right and wrong. Who would be your Top 10 "rated" players if you were in charge? We may ask one of you to help us with a follow-up post in the next couple of weeks.