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Gerald Thomas, Vincent Hobbs, John Stuart Leaving Colorado

Look on the bright side? At least the timing was good...


Not the kind of news we want to hear on a day that is supposed to signal a new era of Colorado football. Buff Stampede has reported that wide receiver Gerald Thomas, tight end Vincent Hobbs and defensive lineman John Stuart have all been removed from the Buffaloes roster for various reasons and will most likely no longer be a part of the program.

All three were in the second year with the program. Stuart, a defensive tackle out of California redshirted in his first year in Boulder. Vincent Hobbs finished his freshman season with 16 receptions for 153 yards and was expected to be the starter this year.

Thomas was one of the most exciting players on the roster last season, catching 17 balls for 171 yards with 9 rushes for 75 yards. He had a burst and quickness that wasn't evident in many other players throughout the year and many hoped that he could solve some issues with drops and become an integral piece of the receiving core. Thomas has a young daughter in Texas and you cannot fault him for wanting to be close to her and her mother.

I guess it's at least better that they are doing this now instead of during Fall Camp or the season. That's about the only team positive not I can take out of the situation.

Good luck to all three of them in the future. Onward and upward!

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