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Draft Zone Interviews Former Buffalo Doug Rippy

The former Colorado linebacker is preparing for April's NFL draft.

Doug Rippy was a Buffaloes linebacker who, due to injuries or a lack of support on a young defense, never seemed to quite get over that hump from solid contributor to star player. Nonetheless, his contributions to this team and his leadership to the linebacker unit and beyond will be missed.

Rippy's time with the CU football program has ended and he is now spending his time preparing for the upcoming NFL Draft. Most don't expect that he will be selected, but he will have an opportunity to earn his way onto an NFL roster through free agency this summer and fall. NFL Draft Zone recently interviewed Rippy and shed some more light onto a player we all hope continues his career.

Do you have any pre game rituals?
Yes I do I always have to have a Gatorade, water, pineapples, and half snickers before a game. My roommate Jon Major and I did it all the time that's who I got it from.

If you could pick out your biggest weakness what would it be?
My biggest weakness is leverage at times you can see I play high but that's a problem being a tall linebacker. That's something I have been working on.

If you could compare your play to someone in the NFL, who would it be?
I have a few that I can name Jon Beason, Patrick Willis and Ray Lewis aIl have attributes that are similar to me because I can play the run and I can cover. We had a great linebacker coach Brian Cabral who helped not only make us aggressive linebackers but also cover linebackers who made smart decisions, so whenever we had the chance to make plays we did it. We took risk aggressive risk.

What is the most tragic event in your life that has happened and how did you bounce back?
My best friend and grandmother passing my junior year. Actually I tore my ACL the following week after my grandmother funeral. So that was a tough year.

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By Jon Woods