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The best from Buffs OL Alex Kelley's Reddit AMA

The Buffs lineman recently participated in an Ask Me Anything session on Reddit.

For those who aren't aware a Reddit AMA is an "Ask Me Anything" session where notable people will make themselves available for questions about anything and everything and for the most part are expected to answer them. Buffaloes offensive lineman Alex Kelley recently made himself available and the result was some really cool insights into Kelley and the Colorado football program. Really cool of him to do this.

Kelley's user name is GreatOdInsRaven. You can check out the whole thing here.

[–]Oregon State BeaversDavonium 18 points ago

How much trash talk is there in the trenches? What's the oddest trash talk you have heard?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 45 points ago

From my experience we get a lot of trash talk from linebackers and little db's. Trash talk on the line is simple cuss words and calling mothers fat and ugly

[–]Texas Longhornsthorns0014 13 points ago

Who in the PAC-12 is hardest to stop at the line?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 33 points ago

Sranford……… ASU is pretty good too

[–]DrAculaAttorneyAtLaw 13 points ago

how much academic help do you guys get from the university? do the football coaches require that you spend a certain amount of time in the athletic center studying (they did that at my college)?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 18 points ago

We get all of the help we want, if I'm struggling in a class I can request a tutor, and I can meet with a tutor up to 4 hours a week. As required time, there are three tiers of students, freshman are required to get at least 8 hours a week, tier 2 is anywhere from 2-6, and tier 3 is whatever you want to do.

[–]Colorado Buffaloeshyman_shocker 8 points ago

Hey Alex. I have a couple questions:

1) What areas do you think the Buffs improved the most in this year? What can we expect for next year?

2) What would you say is the main difference in coaching style between HCMM and Embree?

3) Were you at the CU vs KU bball game? Did you get show any recruits the game?

4) Do you read any of the other blogs out there on the Buffs?

Shoulder to Shoulder!

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 10 points ago

1: care about the team, and we never gave up in a game once. 2: Coach Mac is a lot more in your face and detail oriented. Coach Embo would tell you to do something and expect you to get it done. 3: Yes, and I was hosting a recruit, let's just say he liked it… A lot 4: Nope, unless reedit counts as a blog?

[–]Colorado State Ramsthegreatbellyflop55 5 points ago

My question is this, what is the animosity between buffs and rams when they aren't playing? Obviously the week of the showdown you must hate your enemy, but after that do you enjoy seeing CSU succeed? I feel like at CSU we want CU to lose every week but I think that's kind of fucked up. I enjoy seeing all Colorado schools do well as long as we're not playing them.

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 5 points ago

I want you all to succeed in every other game besides ours, the better you guys do the better we look.

[–]Oregon Ducksjhoney004 3 points ago

What're your favorite stadiums/schools to play an away game at in the pac-12? Do you get much trash talk from opposing fans on the road?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 9 points ago

Folsom field when we played you guys was the most fun I've ever had in a stadium… Well until the 2nd quarter started. Haven't gotten to play in Eugene yet, but Washington was fun to play in. And surprisingly the worst trash talk I've ever experienced from fans was Fresno State.

[–]Arizona State Sun DevilsSundevil90 3 points ago

Did you ever have to block Will Sutton? If so how good is he?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 6 points ago

I didn't get a chance to block him since I was only in on goal line and punt. But he did come at me on punt once, having a 310 pound fast as lightning d tackle get a 10 yard sprint and run into you is not fun, there were about 2 yard long gashes in the field from when he hit me and I slid, it took everything in me not to fall into our punter.

–]Oregon DucksSpicy_TWatkins 1 point ago

Congrats on the season, you guys really look like you are turning the corner. On to the question: Besides you, of course, who are some other young guys at CU that we might not know about but should/will?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 3 points ago

We got a ton of young o lineman that red shirted this year. And expect some pretty amazing things from our very young receivers next year

[–]Washington State Cougarscougrrr 1 point ago

Does the program have a different feel now that you guys are getting more involved in the Pac-12? Do you feel at all shafted by the fact that you're more "out there" than a lot of the coastal schools when it comes to away game travel?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 2 points ago

It doesn't really matter to me, I think our longest plane ride was like 2 hours, so it's not really bad. I think Colorado was a pac-10/12 school all along, it just feels right to be in the pac-12. BUT, I'll always remember my Dad telling me stories about the good old big-8 man football days, and sometimes that sound fun.

[–]North Dakota State Bisonihatecats18 1 point ago

What prank do you think you could pull off with Ralphy?

[–]Colorado BuffaloesGreatOdlnsRaven[S] 2 points ago

I'd just like to ride her in downtown Fort Collins