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Senior Profiles: Tight Ends Alex Wood and Scott Fernandez

From walk-ons to 2-year scholarship athletes.


Some people reading this and seeing the names in the heading may be asking who are Alex Wood and Scott Fernandez? It’s a fair question for someone that doesn’t see much beyond who ends up in the box score every weekend. These two senior tight ends, though Wood doubles as a fullback, have "only" a total of 14 receptions between the two of them throughout their entire Buffs careers. So why profile them before other more notable Buffs? Well, first I plan on doing a five-part series on walk-ons that will hopefully be around after the bowl games are announced and second, these former walk-ons story hits close to home (you’ll have to wait for the tie-in when my 5-part series comes out), and last Cal is coming to town with Austin Hinder on Cal’s roster whom Alex Wood caught many passes from at Steamboat Springs High School. Just one more thought, a fifth-year senior walk-on has gone through a lot to get here and like every Buff that leaves CU with his degree and in good standing deserves the fans show of appreciation at the end of their career.

Alex Wood and Scott Fernandez started at Colorado as invited walk-ons in August 2009. Scott Fernandez came in as an undersized offensive lineman from Legacy High School in Broomfield, just a light run from Boulder for the CU Cross Country team He had grown up with a lineage of Buffs at Colorado with both his Uncle and dad being former Buffs. On the other hand , Alex Wood came in as a tight end with a history of pass catching accumulating over 1,200 yards and 90 catches as a senior at Steamboat Springs. Wood also had the option of pursuing a baseball career but opted for college football instead. Both had offers to play for smaller schools and get some of their college paid for but playing at the highest level was their decision. Both played at their high school position as freshman but both were tight-ends by the start of their redshirt freshman year in 2010.

During that 2010 season, Fernandez saw the field in all but one game contributing solely as a blocker while Wood suited for all home games and a road trip to Norman against Oklahoma but saw no game action. Fernandez earned a letter during the 2010 season for his contributions.

In 2011, both Wood and Fernandez would see very limited action but only one reception in the four games they contributed as sophomores. Both were still paying for all their schooling and while that third season to fourth season is a difficult decision for walk-ons, both stuck it out for their junior season.

Fall camp 2012 opening day turned out to be what most every walk-on puts the time and effort in for, to earn a scholarship and both did that day from Jon Embree and staff. Three years of hard work as Buffs paid off with more than a scholarship, but also playing time. During 2012, Wood caught 7 passes for 103 yards being used primarily as a fullback but also a motioning tight end quite often. Fernandez made his lone reception for his career a 71-yarder for a touchdown. Both were regular contributors on special teams to see additional snaps.

Both Scotty “Scooter” Fernandez and Alex Wood went into their senior seasons as Buffs as walk-ons again and having to earn their scholarships back under a new coaching staff led by Mike MacIntyre. Again, both showed the work ethic and heart of Buffaloes to do so. Fernandez has played a fair amount of snaps when the Buffs have a tight end in formation, contributing 5 receptions on the season while Wood dealt with a concussion midway through the season but has seen his share of time at both fullback and tight end. Both again have contributed a great deal on special teams with both amongst the Top 5 in special teams points.

Look for #47, Alex, on short yardage running situations and #99, “Scooter”, on similar short yardage pass/run situations. They are also featured prominently in one of the videos Colorado plays a couple times every home game. Both will graduate this year, Wood with a degree in communication with a minor in business and Fernandez with a sociology degree. They are well earned degrees with two years paid for through their hard work as Buffaloes football team member over their five year careers as Buffaloes. They are two hard working Buffaloes that any Buff fan should appreciate the time and effort they put into their five-year career and show that appreciation as they play in their last two games at Folsom over the next two Saturdays.