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Buffaloes Tackle David Bakhtiari Declaring For The NFL Draft?

The brother of the Buffaloes guard tweeted that he has made his decision.

Doug Pensinger

This morning the brother of Buffaloes junior tackle and second-team conference selection David Bakhtiari tweeted that the lineman will be (or already has) submitted his paperwork to enter the 2012 NFL Draft.

Bakhtiari is widely considered to be the best offensive lineman on this Buffaloes team and he has progressed well from season to season. However, he was not expected to be a threat to leave early and this comes somewhat out of left field. Draft grades have him slotted anywhere from the 5th to the 10th best tackle available, but I would be surprised to see him selected any higher than late 3rd round.

If he does in fact declare, the Buffs line will take a relatively big hit. Alex Lewis and Stephane Nembot will likely be the starting tackles next season with Daniel Munyer and Jack Harris at guard and Gus Handler at center.

Best of luck to David, always proud to see another Buffalo get a shot at the NFL.

-- Update (1:32 p.m.) - This report has been confirmed

By Jon Woods