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Butch Jones And The Colorado Buffaloes: What To Expect Today

The time has come to find out if Jones will be the next head coach of the Buffs.

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What should we expect in the Butch Jones soap opera today? An end. Finally, an end to all this nonsense and he said, she said. Jones has understandably taken a lot of flack for his delay in making a decision and it all came to a head last night with separate announcements from both the Denver Post and Cincinnati Enquirer that Jones had agreed to take the position. Shortly thereafter, both University spokesmen and Jones himself denied that such a decision had happened. Buffs fans everywhere went from elated (or at least relieved) to disappointed and frustrated with the entire process.

Colorado has been pursuing Cincinnati football coach Butch Jones almost from the moment it fired Jon Embree 11 days ago. Wednesday afternoon, a source close to the negotiations told The Denver Post that Jones would become the next Buffs' coach, with only final details needing to be worked out.

Jones, meanwhile, told media in Cincinnati late Wednesday after arriving from Charlotte, N.C., that he hadn't yet made a decision and will announce Thursday what he will do.

This whole episode just served to further illuminate the day and age that we are in, where even the newspapers, who used to not even consider running a story without an ironclad source, are racing to get their stories published first. The Enquirer has a great recap of how the events unfolded and took hold of the media in both states and beyond.

While Cincinnati coach Butch Jones was eating dinner at a Cracker Barrel restaurant in Charlotte Wednesday night, the Denver Post reported that Jones had accepted the Colorado coaching position. The report quickly spread through the media. Within 20 minutes of the report breaking, Jones was on his phone stating the report was "absolutely false."

One thing we do know, we'll know how this is going to play out and we will know it soon. Contrary to what some unnamed "Twitter personalities" are reporting, I don't think that this deal has fallen apart yet. I still believe that the deal was close enough to be complete that the Post and Enquirer felt that they could run with it and I believe we will find out today. If in fact Jones was that close to becoming the next Colorado coach and the media attention and hubbub did scare him off then good riddance, that's not the kind of guy we need leading this program, but I still hope he ends up in Boulder leading this program back to success.

By Jon Woods