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Colorado Coaching Search: Butch Jones Named Next Coach Of The Buffaloes... Perhaps!

It may have seemed like an endless wait, but it's now over and Butch Jones is the next coach of the Buffs


Finally we have an answer:

and now the real work begins...

If you thought you'd been losing productivity between midday Monday (when Jones was reportedly offered the job at CU) and now, wait until we're biting our fingernails about which assistant coaches he'll hire (and be able to hire) ...and which players and recruits decide to stay ...and which ones decide to go ...and if any current recruits to Cincy decide that they like mountains more than the Ohio River.

Prepare to be unproductive.

Butch Jones accepts offer to be Colorado's football coach - The Denver Post

Cincinnati football coach Butch Jones has accepted the coaching job at Colorado, a source close to the negotation told The Denver Post on Wednesday afternoon.

But at least for now, Colorado fans have an answer to who will be the next head coach of the football team.

Update - 4:33: University sources and seemingly Butch himself are refuting that this is a done deal, but with both the Denver Post and Cincinnati Enquirer reporting independently that its happened it seems as if its only a matter of time.

<p>By&nbsp;<a href="">Jon Woods</a></p>