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Colorado Coaching Search: Butch Jones And The Plan B Plan

As the Butch Jones decision stretches longer with no end in sight, it's time to start thinking about the next man up.

DeRuyter coached the Aggies in their bowl game before heading to Fresno State
DeRuyter coached the Aggies in their bowl game before heading to Fresno State
Bob Levey

We have now reached well over 36 hours since the Colorado Buffaloes presumably offered Cincinnati Head Coach Butch Jones the same position in Boulder. Since then, Jones has participated in a press conference about the Bearcats bowl destination where he refused to even discuss the circumstances. Outside of that single appearance, all we have seen is "sources this" and "sources that" from media types in both Colorado and Ohio but have yet to see any information of substance.

It's obvious that this is a decision that is troubling Jones and his family and that is both good and bad. The fact that no decision has been made makes it clear that he is seriously considering making the move and taking the job. He seems to be a man of integrity who wants to make the right choice and that has to be something respect.

On the other hand, the University of Colorado is stuck in a holding pattern while dominos across the college football landscape begin to fall. Just yesterday, it was announced that Bret Bielema is headed to Arkansas, Gus Malzahn is taking over at Auburn and Steve Addazio is the next man up at Boston College. Today there are rumors of Mike Gundy receiving an offer at Tennessee and Willie Taggart interviewing with both Wisconsin and South Florida. None of those jobs in particular were necessarily direct threats for the Buffs, but the college football coaching community is extremely interconnected and these moves effect everyone.

The other big elephant in the room is the California Golden Bears. While they are being very tight-lipped about the process, it seems that Chris Peterson may be their number one choice, but if he decides to stay in Boise, their next candidates could directly conflict with Colorado's. The Buffaloes will most likely turn to Fresno State Head Coach Tim DeRuyter, who from all reports would be genuinely interested in the position, or San Jose State's Head Coach Mike MacIntyre if Jones stays in Ohio. Both names could also be contacted be California (especially MacIntyre).

Whether he decides to head to Boulder or not, let's hope we hear from Jones soon. It's time to get moving towards the future of this program.

By Jon Woods