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Colorado Head Coach: Mike MacIntyre Press Conference Highlights

Coach Mac was introduced to the Colorado media at his first press conference yesterday.

Some highlights from yesterday's introductory press conference for new Buffaloes Head Coach Mike MacIntyre.

On his coaching staff at San Jose State...

"I look forward to bringing a lot of those guys on that coaching staff here to build something special here at Colorado."

On his personality...

"As you get to know me you will say one thing about Mike MacIntyre, he has passion. You might say some other things, but you're going to say he has passion."

On the program...

"Yes, we have a long way to go, but I've been there before and I know what to do."

On why he thought CU was an attractive job...

"When I met with Phil and Bruce and Mike I really liked what they said. I felt a sense of commitment, a total commitment to getting it done."

"When I was growing up and playing ball, Colorado was special, and I definitely think they can get there again."

"I liked the footprint of the Pac-12. I've coached in California now and recruited that state. Know all the in's and out's of it. I coached in Texas when I was with the Dallas Cowboys, went to high school there, I know that state."

On facility upgrades...

"That's all in my contract which will come out in a week or so I guess, but everything is in there, the upgrading that they want to do here and it's been a commitment made to that and it will happen."

On his recruiting plan...

"We're gonna absolutely blanket the state of Colorado and we're going to absolutely blanket the state of California. I look at California as in-state and we're playing a lot of games in that area and there's a lot of good football players. There's only seven Division-1 schools that play football in California. There's 1,048 high schools that play football. Do the math. We can find some guys and I know where to find em."

"We're gonna win this state in recruiting and that's one of our big, big goals."

On the remaining members of the Colorado staff...

"What I'll do, exactly what I did before is I'll interview everybody on the staff, kind of see where everybody fits and then we'll see what coaches from San Jose State are coming and there's a few other people out there also of course."

On his style of play...

"On offense we broke the scoring record for the school. Our quarterback broke every passing record there was. We will run out of a pistol alignment. That allows us to be able to run downhill runs, inside zone, outside zone, gap, power. We're also able to get the ball out of our hands quick and be able to throw to receivers for all the bubble screens, quick screens, so a spread principle."

"On defense we run a 4-3, a lot of 4-2-5 principles since there are so many 4-wides and 3-wides. A little bit like TCU."

Listen to the press conference here:

Part 1

Part 2

By Jon Woods