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Colorado Coaching Search: Gary Andersen To Stay At Utah State

That's another that we can cross off the list.

Douglas C. Pizac-US PRESSWIRE

Earlier this morning I gave three names that I thought contained the next head coach at the University of Colorado. Well, you can cross one off the list.

At least Andersen committed, one way or the other, so if the administration was truly interested, they can now move on.

Also, another rumor popped up today when Kyle Ringo mentioned that the Buffs were interested in Dan Mullen and Jim Grobe, in addition to the earlier Butch Jones rumors. I'm sure the Buffs would love Mullen, but I see no reason for him to jump ship from the SEC to come to Colorado. As far as Grobe, his star isn't burning nearly as brightly as it was and I know I wouldn't be excited to see him take the job.

By Jon Woods