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Embree Fired: Are Joel Klatt And Others Making This Worse?

Klatt got irrationally fired up today when Vic Lombardi joined his show.


We've had outbursts from Jon Embree and Bill McCartney, and now Joel Klatt continues adding fuel to the fire. I don't understand if this is a vendetta of some level, but there is no way that these guys can't realize the damage that they are doing to the program. Vic Lombardi (who is joining our podcast tonight) made some great points, but wasn't really allowed to dig into the actual discussion at hand...

My favorite quote from Vic, "The future of CU football does not rest on one person alone, it never has, it never will."

Also, since everyone keeps harping on the water issue, could the coaches not buy their own damn water? My boss doesn't buy me bottled water to keep at my desk. Pretty sure most of us can handle getting our own water and we make a hell of a lot less than any coach on the Colorado staff.

Listen to the segment here and decide for yourself.

Joel Klatt and Vic Lombardi

By Jon Woods