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Mark Mangino A Candidate For The Buffaloes?

Rumors are starting to swirl that Mangino may have an interview for the position.

I didn't even want to lend this rumor much credence but they continue to come up so here we are. Apparently Colorado and Mangino have been in contant, with Mark apparently reaching out and saying he would be interested in the job a few weeks ago (BEFORE Embree was fired).

If you aren't familiar with Mangino, this from SB Nation should get you up to speed.

In seven years with the Jayhawks, Mangino was able to take a program that went 2-10 in his first season and lead them to heights rarely seen in Lawrence. Mangino led Kansas to a 50-48 record while at Kansas and led the Jayhawks to four bowls, winning three of them.

Mangino's best season with Kansas was in 2007, when the Jayhawks went 12-1 and finished the season with a victory over the Virginia Tech Hokies in the Orange Bowl.

Mangino was let go in 2009 after an internal investigation that showed that he verbally abused his players repeatedly. After a barrage of negative articles from the national media, Mangino and the Kansas administration agreed to a buyout and Mangino resigned in December of that year.

First of all, Mark Mangino is a fantastic coach. He was a great offensive coordinator at Oklahoma under Bob Stoops and he turned around a terrible Kansas program and took them to previously unseen heights. I would LOVE to have him as the Colorado offensive coordinator.

However, I see no possible way that he becomes the head coach of this football team. He is not a players coach, and the players on this team are extremely fragile right now. His reputation is that of a hard-nosed, no nonsense guy. It's hard to see him taking the job and not seeing some transfers and commitment losses. On top of that, the fan base would riot. This is not the way to jump start ticket sales and the administration knows it.

So stop worrying, less than a 5% chance of this happening.

By Jon Woods