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Colorado Coaching Search: Who Do We Want To Coach The Buffaloes?

Your nationwide team of handsome Ralphie Reporters take part in a special discussion about who we want to take over as the head coach of the Buffaloes.

Nelson Chenault-US PRESSWIRE

A two-part check in on where we stand on the direction of the Colorado Buffaloes football program.

Considering who is on the table, who would you like to be the next head coach of the Buffaloes?

Parker: I would like Derek Mason, the associate head coach and defensive coordinator of the Stanford Cardinal right now, to be the next head coach of the Buffaloes. He's only been at that position for Stanford for two years, but was the secondary coach before and has NFL experience as well. The defense he had at Stanford was arguably one of the best in the nation, shutting down potent offenses in Oregon, UCLA, and USC.

Ash: Now that work things have cooled off, I've finally been able to log onto TRR and read some articles and stuff, and I'm not real impressed with the coaches being bandied about as potential hires. MW hotshot? Hawkins Part 2. Front-range-homer? Embree Part 2. I want us to have the ability to go to a school who thinks their bowl-bound coach is totally secure in his job there, and suddenly wake up to learn that he got a better offer and is off to coach the Buffaloes. This seemingly rash and sudden decision can only be justified by already having a home-run-hire available and interested.

My best-case-scenario is where the coach selected is one we're all surprised by, because everyone thought that coach wasn't available. If CU is committed to football the way they claim, then they can do that, because they can MAKE someone available who otherwise would not be.

Bob: Tons of names are flying out there but to me, it is more important to hire the complete coaching package. We need to find a coach who is considered a great mind on offense and defense and then we need to have coupled with him a great offensive or defensive coordinator. I think we need a definite upgrade in schemes both offensively and defensively. Hopefully we find Tad Boyle 2.0.

Jon: I thought Tim DeRuyter was a home run hire for Fresno State and I believe he would be a home run hire for the Buffaloes. I've followed him closely since his time at Texas A&M and I like the fact that while he is a defensive guy, he and offensive coordinator Dave Schramm have put together a great offense with the Bulldogs even after losing their leading receiver and home run threat. In fact, I would be elated if we got DeRuyter, Schramm (coached multiple offensive positions at Utah prior to Fresno) and defensive coordinator Nick Toth to all come over and lead this team. I would be a fan of either Sonny Dykes or Gus Malzahn as well, but I think those are a little less likely.

David: My ideal staff is: Nick Aliotti for HC, Bob Still for OC & Associate HC. One of Aliotti's guys for DC. Some guys with West Coast connections to fill out the staff, and (though I doubt he would want to stay), a guy like Kanavis McGhee who was a good recruiter for us and has connections to Texas. Obviously, I would love Bieniemy to stick as our RB coach, but I know that won't happen now.

By Jon Woods