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Embree Firing: Former Buffaloes Coach Bill McCartney Pulls The Race Card

Bill McCartney blasted the decision to fire Embree on radio Tuesday afternoon.


Doesn't sound like the University of Colorado and their handling of Jon Embree is going to be fading into the darkness anytime soon. Former Buffs head coach Bill McCartney went on ESPN 102.3 this afternoon and read a prepared letter over the air. Following the reading, McCartney decided it would be good for everyone if he brought up the race card, claiming that Embree was not allowed the same opportunity that a white head coach would have been afforded.

From the Denver Post:

"Honestly I believe it's because I'm Caucasian. I believe black men have less opportunity, shorter time if you will," McCartney said.

"It's just like, Dan Hawkins got five full years. Why not give Jon Embree five years? You signed him to a five-year contract.

"Men of color have a more difficult road to tread. It didn't happen to me. Why should it happen to a black man?"
"I heard the chancellor (Phil DiStefano) said it didn't matter what color Jon was. I think that offends every person of color out there. This guy can match wits with any white guy out there. He's the real deal."

In his letter, McCartney called for CU fans to rally and tell the administration they made a mistake and to bring back Embree.

Later in the interview McCartney went on to say that Colorado would struggle to recruit black players in the future because of this decision. Because an African-American coach has never been fired before? Did those schools struggle to recruit black athletes?

Asking for fans to demand Embree be brought back? C'mon, Bill, you're loads smarter than that. There is obviously a lot of anger and frustration around a a situation like this, but certain parties are certainly doing their best to make it as ugly as it can possibly be.

You can listen to the interview here.

By Jon Woods